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Out Of the Cold ... a message from our Co-Chair
May 14, 2015 @ 1:22 PM by: Jennifer Frank

At the end of March our Out of the Cold program finished for the season.  We will start up again on the first Saturday in November when we go into our 21st season.

I must admit it is with mixed emotions that we close our doors for the summer.  On the one hand, our volunteers deserve a well-earned summer break.  On the other, we wonder how our guests are coping as the days get warmer.  Their health problems worsen in the summer.  And every year, we tragically lose one or two guests. 

It’s sad to see how many of our guests have deteriorated both physically and mentally over the years.  The streets take a terrible toll.

We owe our volunteers a big vote of thanks.  And we ask for prayer for our guests.

If you are a volunteer and you bump into any our guests on the street, take a moment to say hello and ask how they are doing.  It will be much appreciated and you will be blessed.


Dennis Bruce

Co-Chairman, Blythwood Out of the Cold