Who We Are
We do want to be a vibrant and dynamic part of the world-wide body of our Lord Jesus. Like other local churches, we have a vision which has shaped us, commitments and connections that mark us, and a kind of personality that includes both strengths and challenges that impact how we serve the Lord.  
Our Vision
We want to make a difference for the Lord in our neighbourhoods, and throughout the world.  How?  First of all, by the Word of God that we believe, preach and teach.  We're not ashamed of the gospel; in fact, we believe it is the world's only hope.  But we are also called to be the presence of the transforming gospel.  Our words do matter, of course, but so do our lives, our relationships, and our passions for the glory of God.  As we live out our faith, we intend to do it in meaningful fellowship with those around us.  
Our Commitments and Connections
We are a member of the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ).  This growing family of churches believes the Bible to be true, believes Christ is Lord of all dimensions of life, and believes that we can be saved only by grace, only through faith, only by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, redeemed to live for the glory of God.  Such a faith gets us up in the morning with a purpose far greater than mere personal satisfaction, desire for achievement, or the accumulation of things.  It also holds us firm no matter what circumstances of life we face.