Thank You for choosing to support Blythwood Road Baptist Church. We focus on continuing Christ's work in the world and are proud of the many faithful members that support our missions. 


There are two methods for making a donation: e-Transfer or Online with Visa or Bank Debit.


The Church accepts donations by e-Transfer. Simply make your donation through your bank with e-transfer to Blythwood’s email address,




You can securely make a donation online with Visa or Bank Debit and even direct funds to a specific fund by following the steps below.
Currently, we have the following funds available to you online:
  •   Benevolent Fund
  •   Memorial Fund
  •   Ministry Fund
  •   Missions Fund
  •   Out of the Cold 
  •   Building Fund

Click the link below that you would like to donate to:

Benevolent Memorial
Ministry Missions Out of the Cold Property

The Blythwood Support Team