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Let's Remember
November 13, 2015 @ 9:55 AM by: Jennifer Frank

Written by Pastor Abby Davidson

I will remember… - God (Gen. 9:15)

We’ve just observed Remembrance Day. For a brief moment we were united in silence to remember those who lost their lives serving our country and to honour our veterans. We remember.
We serve a God who remembers. Throughout the Old Testament the phrase we see many instances of God remembering his people or remembering his covenant. Some might think that in order to remember you must have forgotten something. Does God forget? No.
The Hebrew word for remember is zakar and implies movement toward someone or something. Remembering is an active, not a passive term. God remembers and then he acts.
God remembers Noah and the flood water subside.
God remembers Rachel and Hannah and their wombs are opened.
God remembers the Israelites in slavery and he appoints Moses to deliver them out of Egypt.
God remembers Sampson and he restores his strength.
There are many examples of God’s remembrance in the Old Testament as well as examples of God calling his people to remember. Whether they are told to set an altar, celebrate a festival or observe a meal, God instructs them to “do this so you will remember”. In the New Testament Jesus instructs his disciples to eat the bread, drink from the cup and to remember.
Be encouraged that God remembers. He remembers us in our affliction and in our suffering. He remembers and he moves. And just as God actively remembers, we are called to do the same.
As you go about your week make an effort to remember.
Remember our war vets and thank them for their service.
Remember those fleeing Syrian and donate to relief efforts. 

Remember those living on the streets of Toronto and volunteer at Out of the Cold.
Remember Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and share his message of reconciliation with someone.


Let's remember.