Board of Deacons

Deacon Board Report

This year the Deacon Board said farewell to Marion Petley and welcomed Bong Barredo. Elizabeth White and I took on a new role as co-chairs, which proved to be a wonderful learning experience.

Many changes took place this year as we planned for the retirement of Pastor Bill Norman in August and the transition of Pastor David Thomas to the role of Senior Pastor. In March, the congregation approved a search committee for a new Associate Pastor of Family Engagement and Outreach. The committee was comprised of Brenda Howard (Chair),Vilma Barredo (Vice-Chair), Pastor David Thomas, Juri Parnoja, Jim Kemp, Kylie Hurlburt. This search involved many meetings from April through July, and the result was the hiring of Abby Davidson, who commenced her position in August. However, Abby got a jump start on the position, spending a week at the summer camp in Lawrence Heights in July.

To celebrate the retirement of Pastor Bill Norman, an evening of music took place in June. Beatrice Carpino emceed the event as well as performed alongside Adolfo DeSantis. Pastor Bill even had a small solo, singing his favorite tune, ‘Modern Major-General’! A time of refreshment and fellowship took place afterward in the Century Friendship Room. Although it was sad to say goodbye to Pastor Bill and Chris Norman and family in August, we are grateful for his spiritual guidance and leadership over the past 13 years. We are very thankful that Ali Norman has remained a teacher in the Orchard and serves faithfully on the worship team.

In November, an Induction Service was held for Pastor David and Pastor Abby. Bill Norman officiated the service with Michael Knowles as the guest speaker, and Dr. Knowles challenged the congregation to be mindful of the ways they can support Abby and David as they respond to the call to care for God’s people at Blythwood.

Although this year was one of many transitions, we continued to focus on our mission of ‘continuing Christ’s work in the world.’ Discussions began to set up a team to respond to the Syrian Refugee Crisis led by deacon, Margaret Paul. We look forward to what God has planned for the congregation of Blythwood Road Baptist Church in 2016!


Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Escott and Elizabeth White