House Committee

House Committee Report

The past year for the House Committee was notable for the pause in ongoing major upgrades to facilities at the church.

 2015 was also notable with the departure of Andrew and Vicki Petley from the church and the consequent loss of their time and talents given to maintaining the integrity and serviceability of church buildings and utilities.

Dan Ralph took on additional responsibility for managing outside services required for repairs and maintenance.

During the year, new (and less expensive) telephone equipment and service were put in place to improve the ability of Jennifer and the pastoral staff to respond to church communications needs in a more efficient manner.

In the same way, a new computer service firm was put in place to allow church staff the ability to alter the church’s website and other social media participation. An enhanced Wi-Fi service was installed in relevant access points on the mezzanine, main and second floors.

Given the financial challenges the church faced in 2015, it was appropriate to keep property maintenance and repair expenses at the minimum possible. This was achieved.

During 2016, and beyond, the new House Committee will be considering the development of policies to guide management of facilities use by outside parties, church safety (health; fire; etc.), and emergency preparedness. Included in the tasks they will consider are: repair and reconditioning of the driveway; kitchens upgrades; additional washroom facilities on the front mezzanine level; future use of 64 Blythwood; etc.

The House Committee continues to need the prayerful support of the congregation in fulfilling its mandate.

Peter Hurlburt

Bill McKechnie

Juri Parnoja (Deacons Rep.)

Paul Phillips

Wally Snyder